01Choose your framework

Select your web development framework. This step provides guidance to properly configure your dapp, before building your project locally. At the moment, if you have a backend, you need to deploy it as a function or inside an instance, and then to integrate it in your website beforehand.

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Choose your framework

02Upload your website

Once your website is ready, upload your static folder here. This step transitions your local project to our decentralized cloud, making it accessible online. Our platform ensures a straightforward process for you to launch and manage your website on a global scale.

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03Name and tags

Organize and identify your websites more effectively by assigning a unique name, obtaining a hash reference, and defining multiple tags. This helps streamline your development process and makes it easier to manage your dapps.

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04Advanced Configuration Options

Customize your website with our Advanced Configuration Options. Add custom domains or ENS domains to meet your specific needs.

Checkout summary

This amount needs to be present in your wallet until the website is removed. Tokens won't be locked nor consumed. The website will be garbage collected once funds are removed from the wallet.

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